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Dr. Muhammet Karaman spoke to TRT Çukurova radio about the drug they will develop for cancer treatment.


Our publication was awarded 2nd place  in Victory Award in Science - 2021


Our novel drug design project for cancer treatment  is in the national press 


Dr. Muhammet Karaman gave a talk

at Gebze Technical University

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Targetting  Nucleotide Excision Repair and  Pentose Phosphate Pathway for Cancer Treatments 

Along with the target of the pathways causing cancer and hampering the cancer treatment, we design and synthesize the chemical compounds in our lab. In order to improve cisplatin treatment, we have concentrated on the discovery of novel drugs that inhibit nucleotide excision repair and pentose phosphate pathways proteins through virtual screening and molecular dynamic simulations methods and investigate the efficiency of the designed and synthesized compounds using in vivo and in vitro experiments. 


Sancar, A. (2016). Mechanisms of DNA Repair by Photolyase and Excision Nuclease (Nobel Lecture). Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55(30), 8502–8527.

Nucleotide Excision Repair Mechanism

Nucleotide excision repair is a mechanism that repair UV and cisplatin-induced DNA damage. In 2016, we have discovered the plant nucleotide excision repair mechanism in Sancar Lab. Our research group also focuses on the discovery of UV-induced DNA damage's repair mechanism in eukaryotic organisms, aiming to reveal the relationship between the repair mechanism and different pathways. 


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